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Fanart Collaborations

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 3, 2017, 12:33 PM
I'll stay open for collabs unless I have I have a big change in schedule. Hoping to do a few at least this year~

I like to be on the coloring side so for these I'm looking for artists who prefer drawing over coloring.
If you are not familiar with collabs, here is usually how it works: we discuss a theme and when we find an agreement, you sketch/ink the drawing and once you're done with your half, I'll color it and possibly add some background or other details.
Also as specified in the title, the subject matters will have to involve fanart. Established characters from myths, legends or fairy tales are also welcome. For instance: Zeus, the Loch Ness Monster, Cinderella, etc.

I'm fine with any art style, as long as you can provide a clean lineart.
It can be something pretty simple or it can be intricate, any level of complexity is good with me.
As these collabs are meant to be fun there's no rush or deadlines. It's totally fine if you need time to draw the lineart and I'll be doing my half at my pace as well.

I've made a list of a few things I'm interested in, but you can make other suggestions. I'll accept if I'm familiar with the story/characters.
- Video games*: Final Fantasy, Seiken Densetsu, Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest and other RPGs, Harvest Moon/Rune Factory series, Ace Attorney series, Animal Crossing (New Leaf, Happy Home Designer), Zero Escape series and many more
- Discworld
- Moomins
- Ghibli films
- Old cartoons from the 80's

*Official characters. I'm ok with game avatars as long as you are willing to draw both our characters doing something related to the game. Animal Crossing mayors fishing or catching bugs, Harvest Moon farmers working together on a field, things like that.

If you are interested or have any questions, please comment here. (Notes can be used when sending lineart)


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 4, 2012, 2:02 AM
Since I only submit finished art in my dA gallery, I've made an account on Tumblr so I can just post doodles, work in progress and the like:

Feel free to stop by :)

Hey there

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2012, 2:25 PM
Just wanted to say hi to new watchers! There were especially many of you earlier this month since I got a DD. Unfortuntely my Internet time was extremely limited due to being busy with various things and having a broken computer so I'm kind of late and but thanks a lot for the visits/watches/favs/comments, I really appreciate it!

Also, I finally have a new computer and a bit of free time so hopefully my gallery won't be as dead as these past months. (Might need a bit of warm-up time though, I feel awfully rusty..)

10EUR commissions - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2011, 5:46 AM

First, I'd like to thank all the people that have added me to their watchlist recently, I've been pretty busy and I haven't got around thanking everyone individually but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it ^^

On the topic of commissions, I need to create some samples so I'm offering them for a discounted price. They are all for 10 euros but I only have one slot for each type.

:bulletblack: icon (500x500pxl) - frysco
:bulletblack: fullbody lineart/clean sketch - Heliossa
:bulletblack: human chibi - HisanaKuchiki

If interested feel free to note me with the type of commission you are interested in and your references. Thanks for reading! ^^

Free Chibi Raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 2:27 PM


:snowflake: 'Tis the season for giving, so here goes...^^ The winner will receive one SD/chibi character from me, it can be OC art or fanart or whatever.

- To enter, just post a comment in the journal.
- Play fair, you can enter only once.
- The raffle is open between now and December 31st, midnight GMT+1.
- Winner will be chosen at random on January 1st.
- Art is for personal usage only.

Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone!

Oops I ended up being offline yesterday but the winner has been selected now (randomizer screenshot:…)

:w00t: Thanks to all the participants and congrats Kynamh!! Note me with references/details for your chibi request ^^

And Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all the best for 2011! :star:





Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 6:37 PM


07/02 :
'Bubble Trouble' got a DD. Wow that was some surprise o_O Never thought I'd get one of these. Newenglander (Trill's creator) was also happy to hear about it!

A big thanks to drop-asd and Katmomma !

And many thanks to everyone who stopped by, faved my works or added me to their watchlist, I really appreciate the support ^__^

21/02 :
After some thought, I think prefer to keep my BJD account for Farandoll-related photos and work only, so I will be posting photos here again. I still want to keep the focus of my gallery on drawings, so it will just be a few selected photos, among the ones I feel are artistic shots. My other photos (BJD & miniatures collections) can be viewed on Flickr.


Status: OPEN but please note that there is quite some queue at the moment
More details:…

To-do List

:bulletblack: thedarkstrider - Octopus Mermaid [Fullbody/Digital] - 15%

:bulletblack: Emi - Celina [Fullbody/Digital]  - 30%
:bulletblack: Emi - Celina [Halfbody w/BgBox]
:bulletblack: Lemondrip - [Halfbody/Digital] - 15%
:bulletblack: thedarkstrider - Sea Witch - Reserved
:bulletblack: Wolfswift - OC Blaze[HB Up] - redoing 80%

:bulletblack: Pwesty - Feral Jasmine [Illustration/Digital] - completed
:bulletblack: Jacii - Midara [Halfbody w/Flats] - completed




Devious Journal Entry

Thu Aug 13, 2009, 8:44 AM

:iconfarandolls: <<< BJD account


Can't say I've been very active here but I'm still alive ^^;

Thank you very much peeps for comments/favs/watches, all greatly appreciated! I'm sorry I have stopped replying to comments for a while, I used to visit each of my new watchers' DA pages too but I've been busy and super tired lately and didn't have motivation to keep up with dA... or even to draw. I need to go back to the mood >_<

On an unrelated note, I'm not the type to collect video game goodies, though a few days ago I caved in and got myself a Chocobo figure.

Cute, isn't it? I have 'Electric de Chocobo' (music from FF7) running in my head each time I look at it x3 Kweh!

:pencil: To Do List </b>

Cabbage Patch - Madeleine[Growth]
Pwesty - Cheetah Girl[Full CG] - 35%
Newenglander - Trill[Full CG] - 20%
Pwesty - Cheetah Girl[Full CG] - Reserved
DawnieChan - OC Kaida[Halfbody Lineart]
DawnieChan - OC Kaida & Ryuu[Colors] - waiting for lineart
Wolfswift - OC Blaze[HB Up] - redoing 80% + extra 0%

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Jan 24, 2009, 1:33 PM

Just a quick note to people I owe art:

Some of you already know this, but for others I haven't been in contact, I got the flu around the beginning of the month and didn't make any progress on art for over two weeks, as I was mostly bedridden.

I'm drawing again now but I have a lot to catch up on, so I'm going to ask for your patience for a little longer, everything will be worked on as quickly as possible.

:pencil: To Do List </b>

Wolfswift - OC Blaze[HB Up] - redoing 80% + extra 0%
Newenglander - OC Terrie [Full CG] - 50%
Deeze - RP Character [HalfBody CG] - 0%
DawnieChan - OC Kaida[Halfbody Lineart]
DawnieChan - OC Kaida & Ryuu[Colors] - waiting for lineart
MercGribern - ???[Giftart]
Cabbage Patch - Madeleine[Growth]
Pwesty - Werewolf Jasmine[Full CG] - rough completed (postponed)


Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2007, 6:19 AM

Terms of Service
:star: Interested in a commission? Please carefully read everything - by asking me to do a commission, you are certifying that you have read and understood these terms, and agree to abide by them.

Edit March 2017: commission info has been moved to a new page…

If you have any questions that aren't listed here, feel free to note or e-mail me to ebonydragon[at]
I might not be able to reply right away but I will usually do it within a week.
Hotmail users: I have trouble receiving/sending mails from/to Hotmail addresses so preferably use another address if you can. Or add my email to your contact list, it usually helps with the issue.    


Q. Can you draw me xxx? (free art)
A. While I appreciate any interest you may have in my art, it's also my bread and butter, so the reply will invariably be no. If you would like me to draw you something, I'm usually available for commissions.  

Q. Will you do a trade/collab with me?
A. Sorry, I used to do them in the past but I'm very unlikely to do these now I'm freelancing and have a rather busy/unpredictable schedule.

Q. I am holding a contest, interested in entering?
A. I don't have that much free time, so I'm afraid it's no.

Art Usage

Q. Can I use your art for for graphics, like website/journal layouts, avatars, icons, banners, signatures, videos, PSP tubes or other types of graphics?
A. No. Unless I did the picture specifically for you, you just can't. I don't allow usage of my art for such purposes. Personal use (as long as it's non-profit and my art is not redistributed in any way) is fine, like making a wallpaper for your desktop.

Q. Can I display [image title] on my site?
A. If you have a fanart or themed site and want to share one of my pics, I'm usually fine with that although I have two conditions:
1/ I require that you give proper credit and link back to my dA account
2/ The art must be strictly unaltered. Thumbnails are fine, but it cannot be otherwise resized/cropped/edited.

Q. Are you interested in licensing your art? (tubes)
A. No. I don't want my artworks to be altered.

Shipping (international)
for items over $30: $10 for registered mail
For items of lesser value, your choice of regular mail ($5) or registered mail

The artwork will be mailed flat in a bubble wrap enveloppe with a backboard for protection

I will combine shipping if 2 or more items are purchased at the same time.

Payment: Paypal

Sea Song

Sea Song
Artist grade colored pencils on bristol board, size A4
on eBay

Foxglove by ebonydragon

Conte evolution colored pencils on bristol board, size A4

Cat girl

Cat girl
Conte evolution colored pencils on bristol board, size A4
15€ (not particularily attached to this picture so it's cheaper than my other colored work)

Cat girl

Cat girl sketch
Mechanical pencil on sketchpad paper
size 24x32 cm

Sea Witch by ebonydragon

Sea Witch
Mechanical pencil on sketchpad paper
size 24x32 cm

Mermaid with seals

Mermaid with seals
Mechanical pencil on canson paper
size A4



I saw there were a few print requests here. Since I don't have a perma print account, I don't plan to sell prints through the dA system (at least not anytime soon). Though if anyone is interested by an image in my gallery, feel free to note me and I'll let you know if it's print material or not.

Witching Hour by ebonydragon +Breath of Fire II+ Patty by ebonydragon Rouge Garance by ebonydragon Holly Spirit by ebonydragon Rainy Day by ebonydragon

First print is 15€. Extra prints are 10€ each.
Shipping is 3€, but registered mail would be an additional 4€

Prints are done with premium glossy photo paper, at A4 format.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Tagged !

Thu Oct 13, 2005, 4:05 AM
Hi there, welcome on my deviant page :3
Thanks to everyone who stops by, views my drawings, comments on them and adds me to their watchlist. I appreciate it very much :nod: although I don't always have the time to say it individually

Also, please note that the pics here are only for displaying purpose, do note take them to make icons, sigs, layouts and whatnot. Thanks for your understanding.

My other galleries :
Website :
Sheezy page :


Oki twenty random facts about me since I got tagged by :iconareeelf:

01. My favorite video game ever : Final Fantasy 7 *__*

02. I started drawing (seriously) pretty late, at 18 or 19

03. I have a Taurus phone logo on my cell phone although I'm Capricorn... yeah whatever (my phone rang the second I finished writing 'whatever' btw o___O)

04. I sometimes dream of weird things... like octodogs o@;;;

05. I don't give a damn about idols (actors, singers, etc). I like artists for their work (their acting, their voices/songs, etc) never for their look.

06. I never drink coffee (I like it with egg and milk though) and alcohol.

07. stuff I :heart: (no particular order, just try to group similars things) art, reading, drawing, video games, (day)dreaming, procrastinating, Internet, Gaia Online, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, legends, RPGs, Squaresoft, Capcom, Discworld novels, Disney, Louis de Funes, Monty Python, Yakitate Japan, Tetsuya Nomura, Emiko Shiratori, Nobuo Uematsu, Era, tAtu, Ace of Base, O Fortuna, ice cream, cheese, spicy food, chicken, rolls, milk, milkshakes, pastry, pizza, bread, mangoes, watermelon, pumpkin, cashew nuts, shrimps, pâté/terrines, mint, ninja, manga, anime, +Anima, librairies, entertainment parks, fairs, flora & fauna, reptiles, aquariophily, cacti, museums, languages, etymology, colors, the Moon, 3, 7, playing cards and board games, my OCs & pets, etc.

08. A day I will never forget : when I climbed the path to an ice cave in Switzerland *forgot the name, it was pretty dangerous and very crowded @.@; but a great experience anyway, can't really explain the reasons here cause it would be way too complicated and long*

09. I used to speak two languages at 1 year old as my parents are from different ethnies

10. I live in France, but didn't actually visit Paris ^^;;;

11. I used to breed a lot of fish, especially tropical species.

12. I don't like speaking in front of people or even using the phone ^^;;;

13. I used to be a collecting maniac (stamps, phone cards, marbles, stickers... anything really :p )

14. I want to live in a house that would look like a tree :3 or paint the walls myself with jungles scenes (but I bet I'm too lazy XD), with lots of fish tanks

15. I'm allergic to metals and storms??? (I suspect mold allergy but my dermatologist doesn't believe it :raincloud:  )

16. I always wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do *duh*

17. I want to go to Japan *nods*

18. I like to make lists (even though I can't help being messy XD; )

19. I am reluctant to eat some type of food such as vegetables (esp. onions) and fish, though I don't actually hate the taste. Lasagna too cause my bro loves it and because of that once my mother made lasagna everyday for over a week !!! *got an overdose* >_<

20. I don't like (making lists with) even numbers except 24 and numbers ending with 0. So I guess 20 is ok XD

Ok so I have to tag 6 other persons now ? Here you are (if you wish to join the fun)
:iconasiancloud: :iconcoolcatluna2: :iconninikouak: :iconr3deyejedi: :iconroddy-mcmay: :iconsweetly25:

Accepted, details here :…

1. Ebay commission
2. Whollymoly ~ Guitarist
3. cartattoos ~ Fairies (5/6 done)

Art trades/Collaborations :

Yup I'll accept them too ^^ but with moderation, as I don't have much free time

1. SozokuReed ~ ?
2. cold-blooded-angel ~ ?
3. HolyDemon ~ ?


Misc. things to do :
- update my website
- make a porte-folio
- learn more kanji
- practise drawing guys, anthros and traditional media
- learn to use Painter
- draw my OCs (Visakha, Oxygen, Mango Lassi)


Links ~ Friends (sort by alphabetical order) :
:iconasiancloud: :iconareeelf: :iconayladragon: :iconcoolcatluna2: :iconhellzmessiah: :iconmoonlitviolin: :iconninikouak: :iconorchidsdance: :iconr3deyejedi: :iconrenllig: :iconroddy-mcmay: :iconshowkaizer: :iconsweetly25: :iconwarse-no-miko: :iconfanelia-art:
  • Listening to: Pokazhi Mne Lyubov (tATu)
  • Reading: Pluto
  • Watching: Stargate Atlantis